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By Logging into this database portal, the user acknowledges and agrees to follow the below data protection policy.


Without prejudice, this site complies with the data protection act 1998, the computer misuse act 1990 and is fully PCI compliant.

The user acknowledges that all data held within the job booking database is the property of the Clients, Retailers, Insurance Companies, Manufacturers or Customers.

All logins issued are intended for use by those issued only on an individual basis and are NOT to be distributed. Access to the site is issued individually and must be obtained through this sites admin process.

The user acknowledges they must make every attempt to ensure login details are kept secure from both other users and unauthorised users.
If at any time the user feels their login details have been compromised they must contact the site owners IMMEDIATELY to ensure the security of the data held.

The Service Company, Client, Retailer, Insurance Company or Manufacturer is responsible for informing the site owners of personnel changes to ensure only users who are employed are authorised to log into the database.

New passwords will be automatically forced periodically giving a reasonable notification period, to all users to maintain security of data.


The user shall not in any way deliberately damage the integrity of data.

All data held within the sites database must not be disclosed to any other parties, nor used for any other purpose than the services in relation to a customers product without prior written authorisation from the site owners admin team. This shall survive the termination of any agreement.

The user undertakes they shall not in any way cause the site owners, the site owners Clients, Retailers, Insurance Companies, Manufacturers, Service Companies or Customers to be in breach of any data protection laws.

Data Protection Act 1998

Computer Misuse Act 1990

PCI compliant